How to Makeover Your Garage Doors for Under $100!


Hey guys! As promised, here is the step by step for how we made over our garage doors for under $100! For such an easy fix, this will give your home a major facelift!


1. Buy the hardware for the makeover here. Right now the whole set of hardware is on sale for only $38!


2.Remove your old hardware from the doors.

3. Tape off the doors to paint. Make sure to tape off the windows with craft paper so that you don’t get paint on your windows! Remember the longer the strip of tape, the easier it will be when taking it down.



4.  Spray the garage doors for an event coat. We used Sherwin Williams ovation exterior paint in extra white. When spraying you want to always be in motion and never stop on a spot. Spray the first coat in horizontal lines and the second coat in vertical lines to make sure you cover all the crevices. If you don’t have a sprayer, no sweat, you can definitely roll the doors as well.garagedoorpaint


5. Remove the tape and prepare to hang the new hardware.


6.  Drill on the hardware. Measure twice, drill once! You want the same distance for the hinge accents from the top of the door as from the bottom. The handles should be perfectly centered from left to right and as centered as you can get them from top to bottom without them going over where the door hinges.  The screws go directly into the metal doors, but you might need to pre-drill a hole to get them started. We used a self drilling screw so you didn’t have to switch the drill bits back and forth to save time. I would recommend measuring and taping on the accents with painters tape where the accents will go first. Then step back and make sure they look appropriate where they are before actually drilling. Every garage door is different and so your accents might look better positioned differently. Also, make sure to not cover any weatherstripping with the accents.


7. Sit back and enjoy your brand new garage doors!


Don’t have windows on your doors? This company actually makes faux windows as well, to give a little extra oomph to your doors! Buy the windows here.

Thanks for reading friends! Keep checking back for some fun DIYS!

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